Welcome to Harry Berry, where every piece tells a story of celestial beauty, craftsmanship, and earthly elements. Our brand is synonymous with unique handcrafted pieces, meticulously designed to protect souls and bring out the wings in every angel on earth.

At Harry Berry, our pieces come to life through the creative genius of Harrison Berrio, our Creative Director and Founder, using only the finest materials. Each of our signature wing charms is gold filled with 24K Italian gold, ensuring unparalleled quality and enduring shine. Combined with the brilliance of Swarovski crystals, our creations sparkle with an unmatched radiance, illuminating every moment.

The genesis of Harry Berry New York began in Bogotá, Colombia, in the early 2000's where Berrio drew inspiration from the paradisiacal forests and vibrant birds in a land he describes as "an eternal spring." Berrio's inspirations turned celestial when he came to the glittering capital of art, pop culture, and nightlife in New York City. Harry Berry New York can be found exclusively at fashion icon Diane von Fürstenberg's flagship boutique in Manhattan's Meatpacking District.

Every piece from Harry Berry is more than just jewelry; it's a reflection of individuality and angelic grace. Whether you're seeking a statement necklace, bracelet, or sparkling earrings, Harry Berry offers a range of signature designs to suit every style and occasion, while adding a touch of magical energy and celestial protection to your every day life.

Harry Berry is created for the angels on earth.

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